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Release : 1.5.4 vom 31.01.2020
Version 3, 29 June 2007
Versionshinweise (in Englisch und aus GitHub übernommen)
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Version 1.5.4
  • New Features
      • Added a preference in the display tab to show/hide the date column on alphabetical sort
      • Text color is inverted on background changes (white/black only)
      • Last used color applied globally is persisted (until the user loads another document)
      • Added the Bstgreek font to resources
      • Added GETypoLibre improvements (made by Neuchâtel)
      • Added 4 shapes with 'nofill' property
      • Added two options to periodically delete old documents in trash (emptyTrashForOlderDocuments and emptyTrashDaysValue)
  • Bug fixes
      • Improved naming behavior (now accepts "/" in documents name and replaces it with "-" for folders)
      • A crash could occur when replacing active document during import
      • Improvements in the selection of another document when the current one selected is deleted
      • Fixed an issue where the text could be in interaction mode without being selected
      • Fixed several issues regarding text boxes
      • The 'updated-at' metadata was not updating on Documents Mode when a document was moved to trash
      • Improved scrolling behavior on thumbnails view
      • Improvements on click handling on thumbnails view
      • Changed background color of the pen preview circle to make it more visible on white background
      • Renamed documents were not automatically reordered
      • On Windows, the version number was not displaying in the "Applications" panel
      • Improvements on German translation thanks to @gektor-de
      • Fixed some typo in German translation thanks to @odo2063
      • Fixed a massive memory leak in podcast thanks to @bartoszek
      • Improved ffmpeg version test (distribution agnostic) thanks to @bartoszek
      • Fixed UI with dark system themes thanks to @JBBgameich
      • Added background color to QMenu, QPushButton and QComboBox thanks to @JBBgameich
      • Updated Slovak translations @jrynik
  • Known issues
      • Changing font weight to bold could no work in MacOS (10.14+).
      • Some slow motion can be experienced in MacOS while using drag and drop in the new document tree structure.
      • On MacOS Yosemite (10.10), installing the signed version of OpenBoard could not work. If so, please use the not signed version provided with this 1.5.4 release.
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